Magnetic Posture Belt

Magnetic Therapy Back Shoulder Support Brace for Women and Men, Adjustable Support Brace with Magnet Treatment for Slouching & Hunching to Improve Bad Posture Kyphosis and Upper Back Pain Relief

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Neoprene Back Posture Lumbar Brace supports the upper back and improves posture. Back pain and slouching shoulders affect millions of people every year and having adequate support for the lower back is important. Our Neoprene Back Posture Lumbar supports implement supplementary stability during activity, or for the treatment and recovery of low back issues and pain.

This high quality bad back lumbar support is designed to support both lower and upper back 

This posture corrector provides support, comfort and warmth to relieve pain. 

Wearing this back support is ideal for aching back pain and slouching shoulders 

Its Adjustable Magnetic Posture Correction is recommended by medical injury experts and Physiotherapists 

This neoprene lightweight wrap provides heat retention and comfort and also gives the user complete freedom of movement. 

The elastic strap would give you the additional shield of stability and support 

To further aid the posture, within the neoprene back panel are 2 high quality plastic supports/stays. 

The therapeutic heat provided by the high quality neoprene along-with the 12 magnets can help to ease back muscle spasms 


Perfect for professional Gym and home training use 

Perfect for boxing, gym and other related games 

Suitable for Boxing, Muay thai and other Martial Arts

Medical Injury and support

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